Make 2016 YOUR leap year!

Welcome back!


Get your frog’s legs — it’s a leap year! Thanks to the Egyptians and some other smart ancient people, we have a whole extra day in February every four years to stay on track with the extra 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds it takes the earth to orbit the sun.


But let us first say welcome back to wherever you’ll be running your life from this year. We wish you many blessings on every level that counts. Make 2016 YOUR leap year.



It’s tempting, but no, we’re not going to give you a list of wacky leap year proposal ideas and stories*. Instead we’re going to take a leap in the dark and ask if you knew that the Australian rocket frog can jump 2 metres, a distance roughly 35 times its own length? The equivalent would be for you to jump 32 metres in one shot — a human quantum leap.


Do something

So let’s get a little more realistic. There are other cool things you could do with your extra 24 hours and even if you will probably be working, you could still do something a bit differently. What makes you jump besides sports victories, spiders, getting shocked or winning the lottery? Do you have a bounce in your step for 2016?


Time to whip out that bucket list and pick something to get on with. Start that business. Write the outline for that book. Read up on that idea you’ve been thinking about. Just make the first move – you have to bend your knees before you can leap!


There are many people who would give anything to have another 24 hours to say, do or finish something before they die. Think about it.


First leaps

You could use these 24 hours to do the following:

  • Tell yourself three things you do right.
  • Give your family members extra hugs.
  • Surprise your partner, just for fun.
  • Say that thing you have been meaning to say for the last ten years. Get it out.
  • Life is short. You can use five minutes of kindness to save someone’s life just by noticing them.


Leap out of the box. Do something different this leap year! Test new ideas, methods and dreams. Leap high, land far!





Amelia Burger

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