6 ways to put the feast back into festive!

Stressing about the holidays yet? Are the pressures of finishing everything for year-end, shopping, planning activities and gifts all piling up? Let’s help you put the feast back into festive!

Wait, there’s more. Any of these festive season unfeasts sound familiar and annoying?

Jingle Bells or any of the usual suspects accosting your senses whenever you walk into a shop from the first week of October.

People talking about plans for next year before you’re anywhere near ready to think about it.

Trying to untangle Christmas lights and hoping all the lights still work!

Why, oh why are only 5 tills open in the shop? The post office? Everywhere?

Christmas hats and felt reindeer horns everywhere.

Aisle hoggers and crowds – is it really necessary for your 3-year-old to have a mini-trolley during silly season?

Really bad cheesy commercials.

Arguments over who’s visiting who on Christmas and New Year when it’s the same every single year anyway.

Three times more spam hitting your inbox (all disguised pitches to get you to spend more).



Embrace the hermit lifestyle by moving to the mountains for the next three months, disappear from society’s consumer-driven madness and soak up the peace and quiet!

Okay, back to reality…here are more doable solutions to bring the feastly (and not the beastly) back to the festive season.

  • Ensure that your freezer and pantry is stocked to the brim with the essentials. That way you can avoid the shops as far as possible until after New Year.
  • Shop in the evenings when shops are quieter and the queues are shorter. Or shop on a weekday morning.
  • Don’t watch TV at all. There’s only going to be the same old annoying replays all December long (unless you secretly like those…?) Rented movies only.
  • Can’t remember where the Christmas lights are? If at all possible, just save yourself the trouble and get a new box. Just do it … you know you want to.
  • Shop online to avoid the crowds and try to arrange for deliveries to be done all in the same couple of days.
  • Unplug from emails and social media over the holidays – okay, at least try to beat your FOMO. You’ll save yourself the agony of comparing yourself and your holidays with everyone else’s, you won’t waste time reading useless spam and you’ll be far more connected with the present. Holidays are for REST and connecting with your loved ones. Fish out those board games! Monopoly wars, anyone?

Bottom line

Simplify everything. Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember that time with the people you love is far more important than the number of gifts you get or give or the money you spend on them. Here’s to a festive and easier holiday season for all!



Heideli Loubser

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