Let’s put on a (business) show

In business and communication, the number one objective is always getting your message across to the target audiences that need to hear it, engage with it, respond do it, act on it. But it’s a noisy and cluttered world out there, so why not try something fresh? Like engaging with your employees and other stakeholders through theatre shows that relate to them through well-crafted, targeted messaging that’s educational, informative and FUN!

Industrial or forum theatre

Theatre for your business? It’s so much better than lectures or presentations, as it really connects with audiences. Everyone likes to watch a story play out in front of them and theatre is an easy way to do this. Add a few catchy songs and you are tuned for success! It gets even better when viewers are called on to participate in the events and the outcome. Forum theatre invites people to share their opinion freely, encouraging discussion, resulting in solutions that tend to satisfy most of the target audience, if not all.


Storytelling makes it easier to discuss tough social topics such as substance abuse and domestic violence. Bring a fresh angle to generally unexciting topics such as recycling, fire safety, hygiene, water conservation and more. Take the drama and the importance of your topic right up close and personal to your audience. You could even address workplace topics such as ethical behaviour, rights and responsibilities and effective management. It is far more effective to encourage positive change with a combination of inspiration, humour and human nature.

How does this work?

1. Create a storyline around one of your key brand values, services or products. Keep in mind that the events, characters and storyline must be relevant to your audience. They must care about it!
2. Get as much help as you can to pull off a good production. Offer partnerships, shared advertising, etc.
3. Create opportunities in the story for the audience to say what they think and to answer some questions from a facilitator (if you are doing forum theatre).
4. Create handouts and posters that reinforce the message you are trying to convey. This will help the audience remember and share it with their friends and families.

Lights, popcorn and lasting benefits

1. Your target audience will remember your organisation and talk about it!
2. Suitable for all ages.
3. Emotionally and intellectually engaging.
4. A fresh buzz around your activities and viewpoints.
5. Employees and other stakeholders will be impressed that you went to such trouble to give them a laugh and good value for money.
6. Shareable content, more exposure, more action.
7. An easy way to train and/or inform your employees and/or your target audience.
8. Introduce and encourage positive behaviour changes.

Still wondering how to go about this? At Lemonade Hub we have a dedicated team that focuses on creating and fine-tuning the right production for your messages and goals. Chat with us at info@lemonadehub.com.



Heideli Loubser

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